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About Savor

Chef Art: From Thailand to Toronto

Chef Art – Prasopchok Trakulphat’s culinary passion started at the young age of 6, when he was barely tall enough to help his mom stir the pot in the kitchen. His dad built him a stepping stool so that he would be able to reach over the kitchen counter. He loved playing with fire growing up, so the kitchen was his domain as he would always volunteer to light the coal and wood-burning stove. His passion for fire continues today as he incorporates different burning elements into his culinary techniques.  

Upon graduating from the Seattle Culinary Academy in the Pacific Northwest, he ran one of the best Thai restaurants in the area and having featured in the Seattle Magazine. With his talent specializing in Asia-Twist cuisine brought him back to Thailand to become the third generation of Thailand’s Iron Chefs in 2015, with an astonishing win rate of 88%. He also became the food producer and consultant for the MasterChef Thailand judges panel, as well as Corporate head Chef of the Iron Chef Organization.   

Toronto is now blessed with his presence as he returns to North America. Chef Art is ready to use Savor as a paintbrush to paint onto Toronto’s blank culinary canvas, combining Western and Eastern cooking techniques and ingredients to showcase Thai cuisines in ways it has never been presented before.

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